A $21,000 Click

I totally forgot about this until someone contacted me this morning. Around 4 or 5 years ago when we had a large real estate network operating online I got a call from one of our affiliate sources saying that we just earned $21,250 from a lead referral.

It was a simple text link saying “Commercial Mortgage Rates” or something like that. People email me every so often to verify this or someone from c-loans.com will ask if its ok to give out my information and its always a nice reminder why you should incorporate content of all sorts within your site, even if its just a single page on a closely related topic.

I am certainly not recommending adding content about weight loss on a mortgage site but if you have a site on apartment rentals why not take the time and develop a little content about home loans, commercial buildings and personal finance.

You never know how much a click can be worth.