Newfound Names LLC was a company focused on premium domain name acquisitions and management. The company’s website was also home to a popular blog written by Alan Dunn, one of the domain name industry’s veterans. Some of those articles published can still be found here.

The blog was voluntary closed down in 2011 so we could focus on more productive things.

Alan Dunn is now Managing Director of NameCorp®. A senior digital naming expert and brand consultant with over 20 years of experience, he is the former Managing Director of Domain Holdings (acquired by Flippa). He has contributed to TechCrunch, Forbes, Business Insider, Quartz and other key publications.

Alan was nominated to the TRAFFIC Domain Name Hall of Fame in 2014 and won TRAFFIC Developer of the Year in 2012.

Alan doesn’t say “aboot.” Well, maybe sometimes, just to mess with people.