A $21,000 Click

I totally forgot about this until someone contacted me this morning. Around 4 or 5 years ago when we had a large real estate network operating online I got a call from one of our affiliate sources saying that we just earned $21,250 from a lead referral.

It was a simple text link saying “Commercial Mortgage Rates” or something like that. People email me every so often to verify this or someone from c-loans.com will ask if its ok to give out my information and its always a nice reminder why you should incorporate content of all sorts within your site, even if its just a single page on a closely related topic.

I am certainly not recommending adding content about weight loss on a mortgage site but if you have a site on apartment rentals why not take the time and develop a little content about home loans, commercial buildings and personal finance.

You never know how much a click can be worth.

Learning from God (.com)

This article is going back to one of the reasons we started this blog. Newfound Names was chosen as a company name for two reasons. A love for the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador and a play on words for what every new acquisition means to us – a new found name. It has been a goal (every now and then) to provide domainers information helpful for finding new domains worthy of development or investment.

I’m a true believer in the fact that not all good names are gone (or owned by individuals who want extremely unreasonable asking prices). Many names are available simply by registering, while others can be found on the auction platforms for very attractive prices.

With the race towards development getting faster more and more domainers are analyzing the keyword quality of their names. No longer is traffic just king but keywords which represent generic terms (put together right) are finally starting to surpass other traditional “domainer” valuation keys such as age and extension. Note that this is not a bash against .com as it will always be king but content is the ultimate king – parking has, and always will, have a cap on the earnings potential for any single domain.

What does God.com have to do with developing your domain portfolio?


Besides conquering the internet before many of you knew how to spell the word – Dr. Kevin Ham was also creating a project within his domain parking project called “The Gospel Media Network”

According to the network’s website the internet is defined as

”the greatest media platform to share the Good News with every person in the world, in every form – readable, audible and visual – and on every type of device; from the computer, to the cell phone and even to the human body, once connected to this network of computers”

No one can argue this.

The internet has become the most powerful media tool ever created however it is not the quote about the internet’s power or the amazing display of domains owned by this project (which could feed a small country if sold today) but it’s the tree.

Yes, the power of visiting this site is in viewing the tree.

The tree does not symbolize only the domains owned but in one shape or form it defines a matrix used to categorize the domains.

In the middle you have Religion.com (center topic for all domains)

On top you have God.com

On bottom you have the Devil.com and Satan.com

In between Religion.com and God.com you have all the individual religion names such as Christians.com and Buddhists.com which lead to a God.

On the far sides you have secondary terms like GospelMusic.com, MyBible.com and Armageddon.com – Topics that have religious themes but not necessarily tied to a specific religion.

It is important and critical when finding new domains to start, complement or expand a project or portfolio to think away from the box and create a tree like this. Some helpful tips are

1) Find the exact opposite of what you are doing / even a negative site on the negative topic explaining why people should be against it can be very productive to your main site

2) Find terms in between that support a defined sub-topic of your main domain: Attorneys.com for example: find duiattorneys.com, trademarkattorneys.com, patentattorneys.com etc…

3) Look for domains that relate to both your main topic and sub topics but not necessarily specific to any particular one. Something you can use for all the domains – such as myattorney.com in the example above or mybible.com in Gospel Media network’s case.

When we see the quality of domains for sale across the boards and the new ones registered every day its easy to see many domain owners have never built a tree.

Buying a domain using your own valuation methods or a gut feeling is fine however building a network… well, that starts with building a tree.