My Final Post – Can We Stop the Noise?

There are many things to love about the domaining community. The amount of great people and creative minds from a wide range of backgrounds, the ability to be just one buy away from a life changing event and more. Most of the advantages of domaining are rarely found in most other industries.

The odd thing is that (for the most part) much that is good with the domain industry often happens offline. There is no secret Rick Schwartz and I have different opinion on some issues however I actually do agree with him on many. Michael Berkens and I agree more than disagree, Elliot is spot on with most of his thoughts and Shane Cultra has probably the best blog around for opinions.

What is frustrating is that the benefit of these blogs often stop at the end of the article.

Over the last few months the rise of people posting ridiculous comments, personal attacks and uneducated opinions has been 10 fold and I think we owe it to ourselves to introduce a comment system where people actually have to register or login to reply or comment.

We are an industry which is looking for professionalism yet every day we let the industry become tarnished with one comment after another. I went to applaud Rick Schwartz on his latest article and was asked to login to comment.

Why is not everybody doing this?

Honestly, this would save everybody the pain of reading long winded comments which have no bearing whatsoever on the topic AND save bloggers from filtering comments. I really don’t think the issue of privacy is important since the people who often use privacy only use it for their advantage. Most of the best comments around are from people who use their real name.

Yes, we live in a world where free speech is desired but I’m pretty sure these laws or wishes do not apply to ghosts.

I work a lot, probably too much, and reading domaining blogs is something I really used to like to do but lately it has become a commentator sport and one where even the headlines have to become better and better to get my attention .. because I know I will spend time wasting my life away reading some dumb comments.

So to all the bloggers out there please consider this move today. It will not only help you provide a better experience for your readers but also take one more step towards adding the professional image we all seek as an industry.

This is my last post for a long time. As I have said before blogging is extremely unproductive except for those that (a) have the time or (b) make money from it. I have neither.

Good Luck to all.